Cyber Risk and Cyber Crime

Groupe Lanthier Insurance’s cyber crime insurance provides the security your business needs.

Many computer security experts believe that it is when and if our business becomes a victim of cyber criminals. From phishing emails to malware, these digital threats can wreak havoc on businesses of all sizes if their IT security is not up to par. Even the most basic online activities of businesses can put them at risk – which means vigilance and safeguards against cybercriminals must remain a top priority for businesses today.

Why should my business be insured against cyber risks?

Cyber security threats can devastate businesses of all sizes, however if you purchase a comprehensive cyber insurance policy some of your worries will be left to the experts. In addition, significant computer expert fees, legal fees, lost revenue, fines and ransomware are all part of the coverage usually available from insurers like Victor.

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Don’t let hackers wreak havoc on your business; protect it with comprehensive coverage today.

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