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Escape to the great outdoors with your RV and create memories that will last a lifetime. With our help, you’ll be able to explore the wonders of nature without worry. Whether it’s to relieve stress, seek adventure, or have a good time with your family, discover all that life has to offer as you travel through an amazing world of sights and sounds. It’s the perfect time to take on these open and exciting roads – we’ve got you covered along the way.

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Other recreational vehicles

Groupe Lanthier Assurances is the resource of choice for insurance solutions, offering unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence:

  • Tent trailer
  • Trailer
  • Box camper and fifth wheel
  • Motor home (motorized)
  • Stationary trailer
  • Motorcycle
  • Snowmobile

Insuring your peace of mind

With a customized RV insurance plan, you can explore and travel across Canada and the United States with peace of mind. We’re here to provide comprehensive coverage while you enjoy each destination – liability protection and vehicle damage coverage are included! Create lasting memories on this unforgettable trip knowing that every step of your journey will be taken care of.

Third Party Liability

Chapter A

When traveling abroad, no one is safe from the risk of property damage or bodily injury caused to others. That’s why liability insurance should be part of every traveler’s plans. In Quebec, all owners of motor vehicles are required to have such insurance. And you have the option of increasing this coverage to $10 million, especially if you’re travelling to the United States, where lawsuits tend to be more expensive than at home! Don’t expose yourself – make sure you’re safe wherever your adventures take you.

Damage to your motor vehicle

Chapter B

RV damage insurance gives you the ability to customize your coverage by choosing from four different options. Get just what you need – no more, and certainly no less:

  • All Perils (Chapter B1): Your RV and all of its equipment and accessories are covered under this coverage – no matter what type of perils you may encounter.
  • Collision (Section B2): This covers your vehicle and its accessories in the event that you are held responsible for a collision or upset, or if there is a hit-and-run on your RV.
  • Comprehensive (Chapter B3): Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you are protected against the unexpected! Our coverage protects you against fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage and even a collision with an animal.
  • Specified Perils (Chapter B4): This coverage provides protection against the two most common perils: fire and theft.

Personal Property

Protect your RV and all of its contents with personal property insurance to ensure that everything from the most expensive clothing to the latest electronics are protected from theft or damage, whether they’re at home, on vacation or wherever life takes you.


Protect the outbuildings on your property with special coverage that protects sheds, gazebos and any other permanent structures that are not connected to a stationary RV. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that these assets are covered against any unforeseen event.

Value Without Depreciation (Q.E.F. No. 43d)

When you add Value Without Depreciation coverage to your policy, it’s like getting an insurance policy for a vehicle that doesn’t depreciate.

Traveling expenses (Q.E.F. n°20a)

With travel expense coverage, you don’t have to worry if your RV is stolen. This useful coverage can help you pay for a temporary rental vehicle and transportation to get you where you need to go.

Roadside Assistance (Q.E.F. #33)

Roadside assistance is extremely convenient when you take long trips in your RV. This coverage provides towing, battery boosting, door unlocking, and fuel delivery wherever you are in Canada and the United States.

Golf cart

Upgrade your RV insurance policy for additional protection: golf cart damage and liability coverage. Without this addition, you will have no security when driving with a golf cart in tow.

With Lanthier Assurance Group, you can rest easy knowing that a broker is taking care of your needs and minimizing the risk of any potential claim. Worry less, enjoy life more!

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