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Protecting Your Memories, Your Life, Your Home

Your home is full of special memories and just being in it can make you feel at ease. With the right protection, your beloved home will be safe from most of life’s hazards! We’re here to help you customize a solution that meets all your needs, and we’ll make sure the place you call home stays exactly the way it should be: comfortable, safe – yours.

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Lanthier Insurance Group is the resource of choice for insurance solutions, offering unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence:

  • Owner occupier
  • Co-owner
  • Tenant
  • Rented home (by owner or platforms)
  • Residential building of 6 units or less (if we insure your principal residence)
  • Secondary residence, seasonal residence and self-construction
  • High value home
  • Vacant home
  • Cancellation by an insurer – default of payments
  • Criminal record

Insuring your peace of mind

Your home is your castle, and with comprehensive insurance coverage, you can rest easy in the event of a covered loss. From cellar to roof – even when you’re traveling abroad – we’ll help you build a customized solution that will protect all your assets, while providing adequate liability coverage worldwide.


Liability insurance is essential because it protects you from potential negligent acts that could cause property damage or bodily injury to others. Even if you are not at fault in some scenarios, your insurer will cover the damages and legal fees necessary if a lawsuit were to occur – think of a homeowner’s property fire causing destruction next door. With liability coverage anywhere in the world, there is no risk too great for comprehensive protection.

Personal Property

Personal property insurance gives you the assurance that your belongings, wherever they may be, will be protected against theft, water damage, fire and other common losses. Check the coverage limits of your contract to ensure that the amounts indicated are adequate, and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Valuable items

Proper insurance coverage is essential to protect your most valuable possessions from theft. To ensure that you are fully covered, it is important to speak with a Groupe Lanthier Assurances broker to receive the appropriate level of coverage. Whether it’s jewelry, electronics, artwork, collectibles or bicycles, any property that deserves protection can be protected by adding an endorsement to your basic policy. This will give you peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, they will be safe.

Wine Cellar

Protect your valuable wine collection with specialized wine cellar insurance. Because basic home insurance policies often have insufficient limits, you can rest assured that you’ll be covered for breakage or damage to the appliances that keep your bottles safe, such as air conditioners, as well as for direct damage to those appliances.


Your homeowner’s policy includes one coverage – building insurance. This protects the physical aspects of your property, such as walls, floors and countertops – everything that’s left when you turn it upside down! In the event of a disaster, it guarantees that any replacement is possible according to the rebuilding value indicated in your policy.

Water Damage

Homeowners should be aware that water damage is the number one source of claims. By knowing what your policy covers and evaluating additional options, you can protect yourself from unexpected costs due to water seepage, plumbing problems or other sources of moisture-related destruction in your home:

  • Soil Water: Make sure you protect your basement from unwanted water intrusion! This coverage provides coverage for any sewer backups, as well as any groundwater that may seep through walls, windows and doors.
  • Above Ground Water: Don’t worry about winter weather! Make sure your home is protected from rain and snow infiltration with above ground water coverage. From window seals to roofing problems, you can rest assured that any resulting damage will be taken care of, regardless of the ground level.
  • Water Entry: This coverage protects your wallet with demolition and restoration services if your water inlet is damaged, as well as covering the cost of connecting to a municipal sewer. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

Leasehold improvements

Maintaining the value of your condominium is a priority for any property owner. With this coverage, you can ensure that if your property is damaged or destroyed by an unforeseen event, you will be able to replace the improvements made to your property with the actual value. Be sure to keep up-to-date records of all renovations and repairs so nothing gets by you.


Protect yourself and your investments by protecting every detached structure on your property with this coverage – including garages, sheds and more

Rental Value

Your rental property is more than a home – it’s a source of income. With this coverage, you can rest assured that a covered loss won’t rob you of your valuable rental value. Protect the security of your future with peace of mind and confidence.

Living expenses

In the event of a covered loss, Living Expenses coverage provides financial protection so you can rest easy and temporarily relocate until your home is restored. Enjoy expenses such as lodging, restaurant bills and hotel accommodations while you wait for the big reveal.

Pool, spa and sauna

Home insurance policies may not provide adequate coverage for your pool, spa or sauna. To avoid the costs of unexpected damage such as freezing and collapse due to snow and ice, it is highly recommended that you add extra coverage to your policy! You can have peace of mind knowing that all associated items such as equipment, fixtures or decks are also covered.

Identity theft

Protect yourself day and night with identity theft insurance! If someone steals your personal information, you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with recovering it. You’re covered – so no matter what happens, you’ll remain in control.


Earthquakes may be rare in Quebec, but if you experience one, they can cause significant damage. An often overlooked step in protecting yourself financially is earthquake insurance – not included in basic home insurance policies and available to provide compensation if the ground shakes beneath your feet. Consider your risk tolerance level and ability to handle the expenses associated with damage when considering additional coverage from an insurer; it could save you time, money or even more stress down the road.

Fuel oil overflow

Protect your property with peace of mind; this insurance will protect you against damage and decontamination costs in the event of an unexpected leak or overflow from your oil tank, no matter where it happens – inside or outside.

With Groupe Lanthier Assurances, you can rest easy knowing that a broker will take care of your needs and be there for you in the event of a claim. Worry less, enjoy life more!

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