Car insurance

Your safety and peace of mind is our primary driver.

Driving safely on public roads is essential to keeping everyone safe. To help us do this, auto insurance provides an invaluable layer of safety – covering the costs associated with repairs or medical bills for no-fault accidents. In Quebec, all vehicles are required by law to be insured, ensuring financial responsibility in the event of a collision, proper care for victims and peace of mind no matter where the road takes you.

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No matter what type of vehicle you choose, safety should always be your top priority. With us by your side, we’ll work together to create a customized insurance solution that meets all of your needs and the needs of your car, whether it’s protecting you from liability lawsuits or protecting any damage to your vehicle. We offer comprehensive coverage, so no two people have identical protection plans when driving their vehicle.

Your safety is our priority

Groupe Lanthier Assurances is your trusted resource when looking for comprehensive auto insurance coverage in Quebec. Our team of dedicated professionals is experienced in navigating the complexities of insurance policies so that our clients can make informed decisions about where to invest and have confidence in knowing that they are getting competitive pricing from leading insurers. We offer personalized advice, reliable customer service and a commitment to providing you with the best possible auto insurance policy.

Our areas of expertise

  • Passenger vehicle
  • High value vehicle
  • Modified vehicles
  • Right hand drive vehicle
  • Antique vehicle
  • Criminal Record
  • License suspension – Traffic violation
  • Cancellation by an insurer – Failure to pay
  • Frequency of claims

Get total peace of mind on the road with custom auto insurance coverage. Your policy will protect your financial responsibility and any potential damage to your vehicle, all tailored to you by our team!

Public Liability

Chapter A

Protect yourself from costly legal fees and the unthinkable with liability insurance! All car owners in Quebec are required to have it for peace of mind. But when you cross the border, take your protection a step further and ask us to increase your limit. There is an “Umbrella” coverage that can increase your civil liability up to $10M. With this coverage, you can rest easy if you go to the United States or Ontario with your vehicle. Please refer to the Umbrella tab for more information.

Vehicle Damage

Chapter B

Your auto damage insurance gives you the power to choose! With four customizable coverage types, you can choose what protects your car in the event of an accident:

  • All Perils (Section B1): This coverage ensures that your vehicle and all its necessary components are protected against any calamity you may encounter – whether it’s a simple fender bender or something more serious.
  • Collision (Chapter B2): With this coverage, you’ll be protected from the financial burden of damage to your vehicle and its accessories in at-fault or hit-and-run accidents. Keep in mind that a deductible is required. However, it is nothing compared to the peace of mind you will have knowing that your car is covered.
  • Comprehensive (Chapter B3): Unexpected incidents can put your car at risk, whether it’s a fire, a break-in or a collision with an animal. But this coverage gives you the peace of mind of knowing that if the worst happens
  • Specified Perils (Chapter B4): This coverage limits you to certain perils, such as fire and theft – so it’s important to know what will and won’t be protected in an emergency.

Damage to non-owned vehicles (Q.E.F. No. 27)

Protect yourself against liabilities and costly damages when driving a borrowed car with short-term rental vehicle insurance. Your Groupe Lanthier Assurances broker can offer you the best coverage for third-party liability for vehicles not owned by you, anywhere in Canada and the United States!

Replacement cost (Q.E.F. n°43)

Get maximum protection for your vehicle with the total loss and/or comprehensive theft coverage endorsement. With this coverage, you will have the assurance that if one of these two events occurs, you will receive a new car. Also, in the event of a partial loss, original manufacturer parts will be used instead of remanufactured parts. Don’t miss out on this valuable benefit!

Replacement insurance (Q.P.F. 5)

You want to have peace of mind? Groupe Lanthier Assurances offers an affordable insurance option that not only covers replacement parts, but also helps offset the installation costs associated with adding a TAG tracking system to your vehicle. Plus, you can get up to $500 back if you have to pay your insurer’s deductible – both new and used cars are eligible.

New vehicle (total loss):

With this option, you have the power to get a brand new vehicle of equal value. If it’s time to upgrade, don’t worry, you’ll only need a little extra money to pay the difference in cost.

New vehicle (partial loss):

If your vehicle is affected by a partial loss, you can have peace of mind knowing that all damaged parts will be replaced with the highest quality OEM parts.

Used vehicle:

If your vehicle is lost or stolen, you will receive financial compensation that takes into account the indexing of its value over time. With this model, even an old car can pay for itself – think of it as money earned by aging gracefully! So not only do you get back the value of your used car at the time of purchase, but you are also rewarded for the way it has held up since then.

Traveling expenses or car rental (Q.E.F. n°20a)

Protect yourself from the financial burden of being without a vehicle during the time of repairs. This coverage allows you to take cabs, use public transportation or rent courtesy cars while your car is being repaired following a covered loss.

Life insurance (Q.E.F. n°34)

Life insurance is a powerful protection – not only does it cover your medical expenses if you are in an accident, but it also ensures that your family and loved ones are taken care of financially if the worst happens.

Did you know that vehicle theft costs insurers approximately 1 billion dollars per year and increases the cost of your insurance? However, thanks to TAG tracking, the risk of theft will be almost nonexistent according to them, and the installation cost is very low. You will also receive a discount on your insurance premium. For more information, we invite you to visit their website at

With Groupe Lanthier Assurances, you can rest easy knowing that a broker will take care of your needs. Worry less, enjoy life more!

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