Business Liability Insurance And Property Insurance

Protecting your business is essential for a prosperous future! Groupe Lanthier Assurances is there for your team.

At Groupe Lanthier Assurances we don’t only insure nautical companies, we also have solutions for the following small and medium-sized businesses:

  • Mechanical garages or auto body shops
  • Real estate owners (except condos)
  • Service companies
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Technology companies
  • Restaurants
  • Microbreweries and distilleries

Investing in your business is an important commitment…

…and you want to make sure it is well protected. Groupe Lanthier Assurances can help you protect the fruits of your labor with comprehensive liability and property insurance policies tailored to your business needs.

Protect your business against unforeseen events…

…with our comprehensive insurance plan! Our business insurance policies contain coverage for everything you need, such as property damage, loss of income and commercial general liability. Protect yourself (and your employees) from the unexpected today so that tomorrow is a success.

Commercial Property

Protect your building, merchandise and equipment against the most common risks with broad form coverage, excluding exclusions. Make sure you’re prepared for any unexpected disaster that could damage or destroy your property.

Equipment Breakdown

Insure against electrical, electronic, computer, telephone or mechanical breakdowns.

Loss of income

Beyond the replacement of your assets, it is important that profits and other expenses be covered during the interruption of business operations following a covered loss. Did you know that it is also possible to insure the salary of employees who would be unemployed following a covered loss and thus reduce the chances of losing them to the competition due to the significant drop in salary?

Embezzlement, Disappearance and Destruction, Fake President Fraud

There are protections to cover you against fraud on the part of one or more employees, to cover you against the theft of money during a robbery and to cover you against the transfer of money to a third party who pretends to be your president

Business liability

The operation of a business involves the risk of property damage and bodily injury to third parties. Each company faces different risks, which is why it is important to work with a broker who understands your activities and who will be able to offer you the appropriate coverage and limits.

With Nauti Expert, you can rest easy knowing that a broker will take care of your needs and be there for you in the event of a claim. Worry less, enjoy life more!

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